Atlas 2017 Defender Youth Dirt Bike Roost Protector

Atlas 2017 Defender Youth Dirt Bike Roost Protector

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Atlas 2017 Defender Youth Dirt Bike Roost Protector

Not content with just making neck braces, Atlas has branched out and created their own chest protector, the Defender. And more than just a perfect companion to any Atlas brace, the Defender boasts some innovative designs like bonded foam padding to save weight and built in mounts for your GoPro camera. Two variations of the Defender are available, the regular one with front and back panels and the Defender Lite which only comes with a front panel. And if you’re concerned about keeping the Defender nice and clean, it is waterproof so you can spray it down without worry.

• Purpose Built - The Defender design incorporates unique fit, function, and adjustment based around the features of our brace family.
• Modular - Interchangeable parts and straps allow for 8 unique configurations that can be worn with or without a neck brace, over or under a jersey, and in both full or front only versions.
• Waterproof - High performance foam is lightweight, tough, comfortable, and waterproof. No more added water weight, or damp feeling after washing.
• Mag-Strap - Unique waist straps have built in magnets that help keep the straps in place during use.
• GoPro Ready - Bolt this optional mount directly to your Defender to get a perfect view of your riding, racing, or other extreme sports activity. *Camera not included.

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